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"NOSTIMIA", the Greek word for tasty,
brings the taste of Greece to your table......

Greece, is blessed with the brilliance of the sun,
The blue Aegean that brings the cool moderating winds in the hot summer days, a soil ideally suited to the products, and people with deep love for their land.

They all combine to bring to you what is pure, healthy, and tasty, free of any form of chemicals.





How it all started?

The story begins in England, in the 1980s. It was then, that many people became ill because they eat eggs infected with Salmonella. The eggs were the product of a number of battery farms that kept hens in cages without any room to move, simply used as egg laying machines. The chickens were fed contaminated food and the eggs were infected in turn. This would never have happened if the birds were kept in an environment as near to natural as possible.

In the ensuing years, many similar stories unfolded in a number of countries.

Mad cow disease in England, cancerous additives in olive oil in Spain, excessive quantities of antibiotics in honey, pesticides in spinach in China and so on. For as long as there is greed, there will be people that will not stop in anything for profit.

It was partially for the above reasons and partially the knowledge that Greece is maybe the last country in Europe to remain natural that made us decide to come to Japan and create "NOSTIMIA".

That is when the challenge began. Hundreds of letters, E-Mail & Faxes were send out to producers in Greece and most of them replied. Catalogues, price lists and other glossary started mounding up. Then with all the information collected, I started a long car journey, visiting each and every one of them. Three months and 10,000km driving later, I had the products I wanted.

For each one of them chosen, many others were rejected. They had to be the right products, for high quality, taste and most importantly produced in the way nature indented! All of them are either organically produced or produced in a way that respects nature, and without the use of chemicals, either in cultivation or in processing. Every one of them produced in the same traditional way they have been produced since time immemorial.

Every one of them produced by people with deep love for their land and their heritage, living and working the land or processing its gifts in a way that respects man and nature.

I present their products to you with pride and confidence. They are the products I was raised with by my parents, and I raised my daughter with, in turn, for I know that they are wholesome, pure and tasty, produced in the land of my birth.

After fifteen years passed

Almost fifteen years have passed since Nostimia was born in 2001.

It was then that we started to make very small, very careful steps into the great unknown.

Unknown was the future and unknown were the Greek products in Japan. Unknown was the reaction of the consumers to our choice of products and unknown was the reception of buyers, chefs and sommeliers.
Nothing was easy! Many days, many hours and a lot of walking to visit and introduce our products.

Greek products? Who ever heard of them? Greece? Where is Greece? Not many people knew Greek wine or Greek olive oil. Not one single brand existed to point the way.

With faith in the quality of our products as well as the people in Greece that worked very hard to create them, we persevere.
Days, weeks and months passed with no sales. We continued.
Then slowly, some stores and restaurants started buying our products and then a few more. The first birthday of Nostimia had a small number of customers and some sales to saw.

The exquisite cuisine with so delicate tastes that Japanese people have created points to a great sensitivity of taste. A sensitivity that can easily pick the quality of good products. And the more people that tasted our products, the more good comments we received. Nostimia was slowly taking off.
Over the years our range was enlarged with new products. Most of the original producers are still with us, while new ones added expertise and more good quality. Nostimia, was growing every year together with the number of our customers.

Today, we take pride in the knowledge that an ever increasing number of people know the Quality of Greek Extra virgin olive oil. The thick creamy taste of Greek yogurt. They know Feta cheese and Kalamata olives. They appreciate the uniqueness of Greek wines.

We do not know where Nostimia is going to be in 15 years from now. What we do know is that no matter how big we shall become and how many varieties of products we may offer, one thing will never change! That is the promise that we shall always offer the purest and highest quality of products Greece has to offer. We own this to the hard work of our producers that over the years have done us proud and to the trust of our customers.


ことの起こりは1980年代のイギリスでした。サルモネラ菌に汚染された卵を食べて多くの人が病気になったのです。 それらの卵は、ニワトリを単に卵を産む「機械」として、動く余地もないケージに入れて飼っていたいくつもの養鶏場の産品でした。 汚染された餌を与えられ、今度は卵が汚染されたのです。できる限り自然な環境でニワトリを飼っていれば決して起こらなかったはずのことでした。

その後の数年間、無数の国で同様な話が数多く明らかになりました。 英国では狂牛病、スペインではオリーブオイル中の発ガン性添加物、中国では過度な量の抗生物質の入った蜂蜜や、ほうれん草の中の殺虫剤などなど……。

ひとつには上記のような理由から、そしてひとつには、ギリシャがおそらくヨーロッパで最後の「自然のままである国」であることを知っていたことから、 私たちは日本に来て「ノスティミア」を創立することを決意したのです。

それがチャレンジの始まりでした。何百通もの手紙、eメール、ファックスをギリシャの生産者たちに送り、そのほとんどから返答を得ました。 カタログや価格表、その他の資料が山積しました。あらゆる情報を集めてから私は車で長い旅に出、それらのすべてをひとつひとつ訪ねて回ったのです。 1ヶ月間、1万キロの旅の果て、私は望んでいた製品を得ました。

製品は他の多くを却下した中から選び抜いたものです。それぞれ有機農法、あるいは自然を大切にするやり方で生産されたものであり、 栽培にも生産工程にも化学物質は一切用いていません。太古の昔から生産してきたのと同じ伝統的な方法で作られるものばかりです。 彼らの土地や伝統に深い愛を持ち、そこに住み着いて働き、人間と自然を大事にする仕方でその土地からの贈り物を手塩にかけている人々によって作られるものばかりです。








社名 有限会社ノスティミア
本社 〒311-0111 茨城県那珂市後台1808-5
水戸営業所 〒310-0041 茨城県水戸市上水戸2-6-30
設立 平成13年(西暦2001年)9月13日
取引銀行 常陽銀行・筑波銀行
代表者 フラギス由美子
会社思想 現代消え去られていく伝統を、今尚かたくなに残す頑固な職人達と一緒に、「ギリシャの本物の伝統食品」を歴史・食文化とともにご紹介していく。






営業時間:月−金 9:00-18:00/土 11:00-19:00
定休日:日曜日  ※祝祭日は不定休になります。





Ships from Greece to Japan have to cross the equator. In order to provide you with top quality products in excellent condition, our company transport all the products we import in refrigerated containers at (16℃) Fresh products, such as Greek Yogurt, are imported by air.

GRECO ギリシャヨーグルト




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